History & Management Team

Our company came to life in 1997 as First Houston Mortgage and became Envoy Mortgage in 2008. In 2012, we became one of the top 50 mortgage lenders in the United States as we launched our Correspondent channel. At Envoy, our extremely solid financial position is one of our greatest strengths. It allows us to grow and take advantage of opportunities to continually improve our retail channel, and further develop our Correspondent Lending channel.

We constantly search for ways to do what we do better, and that means capitalizing on the talents of every single one of our employees – including those on the ground meeting with customers to those who are working to build up our internal technological capabilities. There is no real recipe for this kind of dedication. Our success is the reward.


Pat Walden
President, CEO


Dan Hastings, CMB
Executive Vice President
Correspondent Channel


Todd Cheney, CMB
Senior Vice President & COO
Correspondent Lending Division


Todd Potter, CMB
Senior Vice President, National Sales
Correspondent Lending Division
We’ve been getting it done for over 30 years!

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